Re: moral support

Deborah Levine

My daughter spent a week at NY Presbyterian in White Plains last spring and I felt it was a very positive experience, and the staff were very supportive. Our situation was a bit different in that we had to bring her to the ER (at NY Presbyterian in the city) because of a threat of self harm, and she ended up having to spend 3 nights there because there weren't any available beds in White Plains over the weekend. The first night in the ER she was furious and screaming and they almost had to restrain her. But by the next morning she had bonded with the other kids, and after that things went much smoother. Once she got to White Plains, being around the other kids (and seeing that so many "normal" kids are dealing with similar struggles) was really good for her. While the psychiatrist she consulted with there wasn't terribly warm & fuzzy, the social worker who worked with her every day was incredible--I wish she could see her regularly. 

Inpatient was in no way a cure-all for my daughter, but I do think it was helpful and it was a relief to feel she was someplace safe where she was getting support whether she wanted it or not. Once your daughter has a chance to get used to the environment I think there's a good chance she'll benefit from it. If not, maybe they'll suggest moving her to partial, so the separation from you won't be as extreme.

Thinking positive thoughts for you and your daughter,

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