Re: how do you manage your own work???

Ellen Levine

How old is your child?

On Feb 11, 2020, at 5:40 PM, Serena Krombach <slkrombach@...> wrote:

I’m wondering what parents do about their own work when kids refuse school and you need time to make phone calls, take kids to appointments, and, not least, be there with them in whatever other way they need—and when your heart is breaking. 

I’m taking this week off work, but I don’t know what the situation with my son is going to look like long term. I may or may not be eligible for FMLA & we’re lucky enough to be okay for a little while if my leave is unpaid—I’m wondering more about how you deal with how much time you take off and the emotional pull of the dueling commitments.


Serena Leigh Krombach

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