Re: Book about depression?

Rebecca Wilkins

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions! I've ordered all the books from the library or alibris, and watched both The Great Depresh and the Andrew Solomon TED talk. The Fresh Air interview is up next. The best part of all this is that my husband watched the two videos and now has a little insight/understanding into the situation. They're very accessible and helpful.

On Monday, February 10, 2020, 10:16:40 PM EST, Andrea Fixell <andreafixell@...> wrote:

Having a son who has dealt with depression in college, freshman year,  I found “The Stressed Years of Their Lives, helping your kid thrive and survive during their college years” by B. Janet Hibbs and Anthony Rostain extremely helpful.  The authors, a psychologist and psychiatrist, have had personal experience with their sons dealing with depression at college.  They are also interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  Very insightful and helped us all get through a challenging time. 


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At the get-together a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned a book they thought might be helpful...might have been about depression? I'd be grateful to know what book that was, or for any other book recommendations anyone might have.


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